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Old Pueblo Lapidary Club Membership FAQs

OPLC - Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
TGMS - Tucson Gem and Mineral Society

Where can I find more information about the Old Pueblo Lapidary Club?
You can find more information about the Club on the Internet at the following link: http://lapidaryclub.org. Types of information you will find: Newsletters, events, class descriptions, Club by-laws, Club location with directions, and current board members and instructors along with their contact information. You can also get more information by attending one of the monthly meetings and talking to other members.

How much does a membership cost?
Types of memberships and the prices can be found on-line at: http://lapidaryclub.org/downloads/membership_application.pdf and also on the last page of the newsletter.

How do I join?
You can print out a PDF copy of our membership form: http://lapidaryclub.org/downloads/membership_application.pdf or visit the Club and pick up a form there. Any shop monitor can provide you with one.

How do I receive the Club newsletter?
After you have become a member you will receive the monthly newsletter at the email address that you provide on the membership form. If you did not provide an email address, you will receive your newsletter via US Mail. Newsletters are sent out the week before each general meeting. You can always access the current and past newsletters at: http://lapidaryclub.org/newsletter.php

How do I get started after I pay my dues?
The best way to get started is to come to the monthly meetings. The general meeting is held the second Saturday of every month. It should also be noted that the Club's main fundraiser, the Annual OPLC Silent Auction, is held the first Saturday of each November, one week before the regular November meeting.

When you walk into the clubhouse for the first time, you will see two long tables in the meeting room (not the kitchen). Sign in on the 'Meeting Sign-in' sheet and then put your name in the 'boot' for the monthly door prize. Your nametag, membership card, and complimentary shop pass will be waiting for you on the cabinet with the printer on it in the kitchen. These are all yours to keep, so take them home with you!

There is a 'Raffle' table at the front of the meeting room with various prizes. You can purchase one raffle ticket for $1 or three tickets for $2. Ticket numbers will be called at the end of the meeting. If your number is called, you get to choose whatever prize you want that is still on the table. Raffle proceeds are used to offset Club expenses.

It's hard when you are new, but rockhounds are friendly folks. Just ask anybody for help! Ask them to point out a board member or one of the membership greeters. They can show you where to get a cup of coffee and where to look for the class and field trip sign-up sheets.

How do I sign up for beginner classes?
There are sign-up sheets for all classes and field trips that are offered at the Club. Class sign-up sheets are on the south wall in the main room of the clubhouse. Field trip sign-up sheets are on the island in the kitchen.

Beginner classes are offered in silversmithing, casting, faceting, and lapidary. If you don't have any rough to cut for the lapidary class, feel free to pick something from the rock pile outside the shop.

I don't know what I want to learn. Are there descriptions of the skills I need or will learn?
Class descriptions are available on-line at: http://lapidaryclub.org/class_descriptions.php. If you would like further information, please contact the instructor.

What do completed projects in the different categories look like? Are there photos?
The Club does not currently have an organized library of photos, but there are examples of faceted stones and cabochons on display in the clubhouse.

What are beginner projects?
Silversmithing - a completed pendant
Faceting - a faceted stone from glass or quartz
Lapidary - usually an oval or free form cabochon in the stone of your choice
Casting - this is up to the student, but a ring is the easiest thing to start with

How do I buy shop passes?
Shop passes are available from the treasurer at all monthly meetings and from any shop monitor. You get 20 hours in siler, casting, and faceting labs for $40, as the fee in thlse labs are $2 an hour. The cab lab fee is $4 an hour so your card is double-punched in the cab lab to adjust for the difference in fee. Cash or checks only - no credit cards.

What days/hours are the labs open?
Hours vary based on the time of the year. The current schedule is at http://lapidaryclub.org/class_descriptions.php. The current schedule is also posted in each newsletter toward the back. You can look at the latest newsletter on-line at: http://lapidaryclub.org/newsletter.php. It's also best to call before you arrive so the monitor knows you are planning to be there, and you know for sure the monitor will be there.

Where do I get supplies? Is there a list? What do I need on my first visit?
Your instructor or shop monitor can provide you with a list of materials and/or tools you need. Each shop does have all the tools and equipment you need if you are not ready to purchase them. Many local supply houses have ads in the newsletter with discounts for Club members.

Are there written instructions or videos on how to use the equipment?
There are no formal written instructions - shop monitors will walk you through how to use the equipment. When you take a class, the instructors will illustrate the correct ways to use the particular equipment used in the class. You may be told about a good book to buy or check out from the Club library. The library is located at the front of the clubhouse if you would like to check anything out. Checkout time is for one month.

How do I use the saw room?
The schedule is posted in the newsletter under the 'Weekly Workshop Schedule' and at http://lapidaryclub.org/classes.php. It is best to call before coming to the Club. Members can leave their rough with the saw room monitor along with instructions on how they want their rock cut. The saw room monitor will let you know when your slabs are ready to pick up.

How do I find out and sign up for field trips? The best way to find out about field trips is to come to the general meetings where they are announced or to contact the field trip committee chairman. You can find contact information on-line at: http://lapidaryclub.org/field_trips.php or in the Committees Section of the newsletter.

How do I volunteer to help?
The Club is 'run' by volunteers. It cannot function without dedicated, interested members who volunteer on projects, hospitality, committees, the board and more. Please contribute as a volunteer to keep OPLC running! Contact any board member to find out where help is needed. Names and phone numbers of all Board members are on the front of each newsletter.

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